Thursday, 17 October 2013

Time to HUG some UGGS!!!!!

My new boots from Ugg, £125

Its that time of year when our lovely summer wedges have been put back in the wardrobe and we are again reaching for warm woolly socks and our favourite pair of winter boots, just like faithful old friends.
Imagine my horror when I discovered my boots were wearing thin in the sole, barely able to keep the damp out any longer, sad times! There was only one thing for it, begin a search for some new ones, good times! 
After searching many stores and returning several pairs on the internet I thought I'd never find a suitable pair. Boot and shoe shopping is always a real chore as I have such stupidly sized feet, size 3-4 (uk) and it's a task I always approach with much trepidation.
However, yesterday my daughter Lisa, very bravely or stupidly, offered to come with me to Whiteley Shopping Village in the hope of finding the illusive boots. Imagine my joy when we went into Schuh and I not only found a pair I liked but that they also had them in my size, brilliant times!
I loved these 'Zea' boots from Ugg instantly. They are not only cosy and comfy but also have a slight wedged heel which, for me, are more comfortable than flats, it also gives my short legs extra length, always a bonus.

The insides are lined with sheepskin and a soft herring bone style material providing both comfort and warmth. These boots are also available in black with a dark grey sheepskin but I really liked the brown suede ones, they should go with most of my jeans and woolly tights making them very versatile.
Although the price seems a little high, I've previously owned pairs of the 'iconic' sheepskin Uggs and they have lasted me for years so hopefully these boots will prove to be just as durable therefore saving me the trauma of having to hunt for another pair any time soon!
Do you have a pair of faithful old boots that will again be making an appearance this winter?

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