Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Carins Beauty Flash Balm, how did I not know about this before?


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, £29

How did I not know about this miracle cream before? I've been a fan of Estee Lauders Resilience Lift skin care products for some time and have had no reason to look elsewhere until my mum recommended Clarins to me. Although I still use Resilience Lift this Beauty Balm provides an instant 'pick me up' when applied after my moisturiser, it really does make a noticeable difference!
Not only does this balm help to relieve signs of stress and fatigue it also provides a lovely soft even base on which to apply your foundation. This is ideal on those mornings when your skin isn't feeling at its best and needs a bit of a boost. The cream is easy to apply, patting on rather than rubbing, and smells really fresh and natural, a little like soap. If you want a more noticeable difference you can also apply the balm as a face mask, leaving on for about 10 to 15 mins, ideal for a night out especially with the party season about to get into full swing.

Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask (sample from Debenhams)
When I purchased my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm from Debenhams I was given some freebies which included the above eye cream. I used it alongside the balm as a mask before a night out on Saturday and it really refreshed my eye area. Although £30, I will definitely be investing in one of these products too.
Please don't think that these skin care products are exclusively for mature skin, I would definitely recommend the Beauty Flash Balm to my daughter Lisa, especially after a night out when she needs a bit or a skin refresher the next morning. I will most certainly be giving this a permanent place in my make up bag!
What skin care products are a 'must have' in you're beauty essentials?

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