Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chanel v Estee Lauder Fall 2013 nails, battle of the metallics!!!

From left to right - Chanel's Rouge Allure Moire Collection in Rouge Moire and Rose Moire, Estee Lauder's Metallics Collection in Rose Gold and Chocolate Foil
This Autumn has seen the launch of some exciting new metallic varnish colours by both Chanel and Estee Lauder that can not fail to enhance your winter nails. Chanel has followed up the release of last months Collection Supersition with two beautiful new shades that are a MUST HAVE with the festive season just around the corner. Estee Lauder have also been busy with the release of their new Metallics Collection consisting of 8 beautiful new shades, we are really being spoilt! But the question remains, which metallic nail varnish will you be reaching for this autumn?
Firstly is Chanel's Rouge Moire, a rich jewel shade that is perfect for the fast approaching party season. It is not unlike Chanel's Elixir (Collection Superstition Fall 2013) but the metallic element adds a rich ruby hue that enhances the shade beautifully incorporating a truly festive feel. I found I needed to use a good couple of coats to achieve an even coverage but once in place it lasted fairly well, as you'd expect from a metallic varnish with minimal chipping.
Second of Chanel's new shades is the very wearable Rose Moire, a slight variation on this summers popular nude shades. It has a hint of metallic which is both pretty and subtle and would compliment virtually any outfit, day or night. This also took a good couple of coats to achieve a depth of colour and even coverage but it lasted really well and again with minimal chipping. I think this shade will quickly become a favourite 'go to' colour for me this winter! 
Estee Lauder have added 8 new metallic shades to their collection and they are equally as desirable.
They are slightly more matte in appearance but only require one good coat that glides on easily providing a very durable nail enamel that has a greater longevity than that of Chanel's Le Vernis.
Two of my favourites are Rose Gold and Chocolate Foil, both very autumnal colours. Rose Gold adds a subtle pink blush to gold tones, again similar to this summers nude shades while Chocolate Foil, as the name suggests, is a warm yummy chocolaty bronze shade, good enough to eat! Its worth checking out some of the other colours in the collection too, particularly if you prefer a more blue or silvery accent.

 Above, from left to right, Estee Lauder's Metallic Green (reviewed in a previous post), Rose Gold and Chocolate Foil followed by Chanel's Rose Moire and Rouge Moire. Although I think Estee Lauder's varnishes are better value and harder wearing, I can not help but be drawn to the rich decadence or Chanel's Rouge Allure Moire Collection, a little bit special! I hope this post has helped you decide which metallic you will be adding to your wish list this autumn but don't feel you have to limit yourselves to just one, I know I won't be able to resist!!!


Finally, if, like me, you are continually painting your nails, can I suggest a little nail therapy in the form of Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil. Not only does it smell gorgeous, it leaves your nails and cuticles feeling soft and nourished.

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