Friday, 25 October 2013

Dior 'Mystic Magnetics', nails with a difference!

Dior Mystic Magnetics, 802 - £20.50 
Comes in this beautiful presentation box making an ideal gift

Set contains magnetic nail varnish, shade 802, and separate magnet
You've probably guessed by now that I have a severe problem with nail polishes, probably due to having taken my A-level in Art and Design a few years ago, they satisfy my need to paint stuff!!!
I've never really been convinced by magnetic nail varnishes before having been told its a little difficult to achieve an even result on each nail. Then I discovered Dior had released their version so decided to give it a try having always been impressed with their varnishes in the past.
I found, as always, that the Dior varnish was very easy to apply thanks to their lovely flat brush, providing a nice even coverage. It took me a couple of practices but eventually I achieved this stunning result.

The magnet creates a wave effect on the nail
Although it took me a couple of goes to get it right the magnet proved really easy to use as you could rest the curved edge on your finger without actually touching the nail itself. My only problem with this product is the time it takes to do all your nails. You have to first apply a coat, leave it to dry before starting on the magnetic bit. This was the part that proved time consuming as you have to do each nail individually. The instructions suggest you apply a second coat and then hold the magnet over the wet nail for up to 2 minutes to achieve the best result. I found I could get away with about 30 seconds but it still takes quite a bit of time, make sure you make a cuppa before you start!
The varnish looked equally as lovely if you just left it plain after a couple of coats and proved to be very durable, its another beautiful metallic to add to my collection.
 Magnet used on left nail while right remains plain
Top nail left plain while bottom has been magnetised
Overall I have been quite impressed with my first experimentation into the world of magnetic nails and would be interested to see if Dior plan to release any further magnetic nail products in the future.
What magnetic nail products can you recommend?

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