Monday, 6 January 2014

The Perfect Present - The White Company, White Lavender Collection

The White Company, White Lavender Bath & Shower Gel - £12,
Body Lotion - £14 and Body Soap - £12

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was this lovely collection of products from The White Company in White Lavender. My sister knows me well and made the perfect choice of a lavender fragrance, one that reminds me of many happy times spent at our Nan and Grandad's during the summer holidays. Nan's linen always had a lovely hint of fresh lavender harvested from her garden, I also grow loads in my own garden now which gives off some beautiful aromas during the summertime.

The products themselves smell heavenly with the added hint of neroli and lemon making it a very fresh clean scent that doesn't require the addition of any extra perfumes, perfect for daytime use!

The bath and shower gel only requires a small amount to create a luxurious lather, therefore lasting longer. Follow this with the body lotion for a silky feeling skin that smells like summer. The body lotion is a lovely consistency that again goes a long way and is great for dry skin, a must have for me. Finally the soap is lovely to have in you're cloakroom as it gives off a beautifully subtle scent that fills the room.

I haven't previously tried any of The White Company products before but will certainly be paying a visit to my local store next time I'm in town. I will definitely be investing in the scented candle in White Lavender for my bedroom and possibly some Pillow Mist too, hopefully inducing a peaceful nights sleep, depending on how much snoring is coming from the other side of the bed!!! I may also be tempted to try the Geranium products, another one of my favourite summertime scents.

Thank you again to my baby sister Amanda for introducing me to this lovely product, she may well have started yet another obsession!

Have you tried any other fragrances from The White Company that you would recommend?


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