Friday, 17 January 2014

Essie 'A Sprinkle in Pink' - A match made in fairy pink heaven!


Essie duo 'A Sprinkle in Pink' - Fiji & A Cut Above, £12.99 Boots

Having become a big fan of Essie nail varnishes, I found it impossible to resist this perfect duo on a recent shopping trip to Boots with Lisa (Topaz and May), it's all her fault!!! After all the rich decadent colours of Christmas it's quite refreshing to find these lovely light and pretty alternatives, a real 'pick me up' for the winter/post Christmas blues.

I am not normally a 'pink' girl but recently I've found myself drawn to several items in this girly shade and with pastels set to be big this Spring it makes sense to get ahead of the game! The pale pink Fiji is so pretty and easy to wear but add a topcoat of A Cut Above and it becomes far more dramatic. It looks quite effective to add sparkle to just a couple of nails for an accent effect, I suggest you just have fun experimenting with different looks, the possibilities are endless. 

As with all Essie varnishes that I've tried, you need at least two coats for a good even coverage, however, it has proved to be quite durable, especially with the glittery topcoat. At £12.99 the duo is cheaper than buying the varnishes individually, they usually retail at £7.99 each but this is still cheaper than my usual choice of Chanel or Estee Lauder so a real bargin. You could also experiment with alternative shades in the Essie collection if pink is not you're thing.

I will definitely be looking to Essie for some more pastel essentials for the Spring, am fairly sure I need a pretty blue, green and lavender!

Whats you're favourite Essie nail shade?



  1. Love these! Beautiful shades separate or together!

    Katie <3

    1. They are so pretty, I couldn't resist :-)