Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Wish List - I've been a very good girl!!!

Lulu Guinness Leopard Izzy Satchel from the Wild Cat Collection
Most definitely top of my Christmas wish list is this lovely little treasure from the Lulu Guinness Wild Cat Collection. I have several bigger tote style bags that are useful for everyday but sometimes you need something a little more 'subtle' when going out in the evening.
Two of my favourite evening clutches are both Lulu Guinness, including a classic Lips Clutch, however, they are only capable of holding a phone and a lipstick at most. I know, what else does a girl need when being treated to an evening out with her man? My problem is that I invariably also need my glasses these days, particularly when trying to read a menu. It's a little embarrassing when I have to get someone to read it for me, don't laugh, it will happen to you too one day!
Pandora silver present charm
Next on my list would be a lovely Pandora charm. My kids and their partners all clubbed together and bought me a lovely Pandora leather bracelet and first charm for my 50th last year and in doing so created an avid collector! There are so many pretty charms to chose from and one to suit just about any occasion, even Christmas!
Christmas reindeer socks from Accessorize
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a pair of festive socks, as always Accessorize have come up trumps with this cute pair. There are several different designs to chose from and at 3 pairs for £8 you could get a pair for yourself too. Accessorize is always a good place to go for a Christmas gift, there is so much to chose from suiting all sorts of budgets.
Although I love girly gifts I would also love a couple of 3DS games for my console. This year I have my eyes firmly set on Zelda, A Link Between Worlds and Lego Marvel Super Hero's, sometimes it's good to be a kid again.
Thornton's Chocolate Reindeer
My Christmas list wouldn't be complete without my favourite Christmas chocolate. These reindeer's from Thornton's are great value at the moment at 3 for 2, handy if, like me, you have three kids to buy for!
Presents aside, the best gift I could receive this Christmas is to have all my family at home for dinner. They are all grown up now, some living away from home with partners so it becomes increasingly difficult to all get together and celebrate.
 I look forward to a warm Christmas evening, fire and Christmas candles lit, Christmas music playing (not sure everyone enjoys that as much as me!) and the silly family games out, the perfect end to a perfect day!
How will you be celebrating this year?

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