Saturday, 30 November 2013

Yankee Candles Christmas Advent - I can not wait till 1st December!!!

Yankee Candle Advent Calender, £21.99
 A festive tealight behind each door!
 I can not wait to see what the surprise is behind door number 24!
 A pretty festive tealight holder from Perfect Scents

I don't usually have my own advent calender any more, prefering instead to leave that to the kids. However, all that changed when I spotted this amazing calender from Yankee Candles. I am a very big fan of their products anyway and this calender seemed to embrace all my Christmas scent requirements in one exciting product, what more could I wish for!!!

Although, at £21.99, it may appear a little expensive for some budgets, I think that it's really good value. You get one of six different festive tealights behind each day with a special surprise behind door number 24. The scents include Snow in Love, Balsam & Cedar, Merry Mashmallow, Red Apple Wreath, Snowflake Cookie and Sparkling Cinnamon (one of my favourites, yum!) There seems to be a fragrance to suit just about everybody's personal tastes.

I can not wait to find out what the surprise is behind door 24, will let you know on Christmas Eve. In the meantime I have a charming festive tealight holder ready to burn each days treat. This pretty one came from my local Yankee Candle suppliers, a wonderful shop full of incredible treasures called Perfect Scents, very aptly named!

With this advent my house is bound to have a continual warming, welcoming seasonal aroma this year, December just can not come quick enough!

What festive candles will be warming you're mantle piece this year?



  1. How divine!! Your house will be smelling fantastic by Christmas!

    Katie <3

  2. I'm a huge fan of MIMI & ME Christmas Bliss Candle, it's gorgeous x

  3. I love this, I didn't realise that Yankee Candles do adverts. Guess I'll be looking out for one for next year, :).