Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Present Ideas - Funkydory Scarves, yes please!!!

 Funkydory heart & star scarves, £8.50!

In an effort to increase my blog audience I recently signed up to Twitter, in doing so I've discovered so many lovely small businesses making some wonderful products at very reasonable prices. I have always been a fan of encouraging this type of business, it's so easy to pick up something a little different, with a designer feel, a change from the usual 'highstreet' stores, not that I have any problems spending money there too!!!

I am a particular fan of accessories and love to source new designers, so when I discovered Funkydory on Twitter I just couldn't resist a visit to their website. I have to admit that a shopping frenzy then ensued, the scarves were just too beautiful AND reasonably priced to resist. My favourite is the lovely pink star scarf (seen above) and the navy hearts, both very useful additions to my wardrobe. 

However, the main reason for my visit was to do a little Christmas shopping. These scarves make great gift ideas for mums, sisters, friends and at £8.50 a really good price that would suit most budgets. With free post & packaging included I got several presents in one shop, result!

Unfortunately, I can not show you the rest of my haul as they are gifts for some special girls who regularly read my posts, I don't want to spoil their surprise but, take it from me they were equally as lovely as mine.
My only regret is that I didn't add this festive scarf to my shopping basket, it is definately going on my Christmas wishlist, PLEASE!!!!

Festive scarf, £8.50

Do you know of any other little treasures I could investigate for Christmas pressie ideas?


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  1. You should try printing your own scarves as a Christmas activity!

    Katie <3