Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas giveaway - and the winner is.....!

 These are a selection of the entries in my Nails Inc Snowflake giveaway, thanks guys, you came up with some stunning ideas!!!
 From bottom to top entries by Rhea, Paige Joanna and Hannah
 From left to right entries from Courtney, Lisa and Katie

As promised, I have tried to recreate some of you're brilliant ideas, but please remember my A-level in Art and Design does not qualify me as a nail technician!!!

Firstly Lisa, who unfortunately doesn't qualify as she's my lovely daughter, suggested a festive red base covered with the Snowflake effect. I used Chanel's Rouge Rubis, part of this years Christmas collection to create her entry.

Next Hannah suggested a gorgeous cobalt blue, very much in style ATM. For this I used Chanel's Bel Argus. This reminds me of a dusky winter evening, very effective.

Coutney came of with the idea of using a darker shade to create a snowy night, for this I used  Chanel's Noir Ceramic, bring on the Christmas carols!

I loved Paige's idea of using a icy mint green as the base gives the impression of a frozen snowy landscape. For this I used Barry M's Mint Green, a must for anyone's nail collection. Check out Paige's comment as she also has an outfit suggestion to match her nails.

Katie's gold glittery nails looked really festive. Here I've used Chanel's Golf Fingers, a personal favourite, it embraces all the richness of Christmas.

Finally, Rhea came up with my favourite, and therefore my winning suggestion. This festive red french manicure effect looks brilliant. I used Chanel's Holiday with white tips which I loaded with Snowflake to achieve this festive effect, it looks like the snow is gathering on the tips of the nail. I loved this idea as it was not only effective but also a little different from the other entries, which again were all great!!!

And the winner is Rhea Hooper, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

THANK YOU again to everyone who entered and for you're follows, it is very much appreciated!!!

As its the 1st December I can now officially wish you all A VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!



  1. They all look so festive! lovely

  2. Congratulation to the winner,,
    I was joining too, but not lucky as the winner.
    Maybe next time.


  3. Congratulations Rhea! Love the chosen look it's gorgeous!

    Katie <3