Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Chocolate - Prestat Truffles!

Prestat Truffles - £11

One of my favourite things about Christmas is guilt-free binging on tasty treats. I am usually fairly restrained throughout the rest of the year so I look upon Christmas as a time to let my hair down and indulge in some of those special treats I would normally steer well clear of. 

This year, thanks to Twitter, I have discovered Prestat Truffles. My usual choice would be Thornton's but there's always some left in the box that nobody really likes. This year it seemed like a much better idea to chose a box of my favourite truffles instead thus eliminating any waste! I love anything banana flavoured, although strangely enough not bananas themselves, so the Banoffee Truffles were an instant hit. At £11 for 175g they really aren't anymore expensive than Thornton's or a comparable chocolate. They consist of white chocolate truffles, soft banana caramel and a slight hint of coffee infused dark chocolate, whats not to like!!!

If, like me, you love Pink Champagne, why not combine both chocolate and champagne to create the perfect truffle, Prestat Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles. These will not be lasting too long, especially if Lisa (my lovely daughter) gets her hands on them too. Its unlikely we will share these with the boys, pink is for girls after all!!!

Finally, for the ultimate after dinner mint, why not try Prestat's Mint Box. Here you get a collection of double mint, coffee mint and strawberry mint, again all for £11. These definitely make a change from the usual After Eight Mints. I can not give you a view on how yummy these are as I personally don't like the flavour of mint and chocolate together, however, I will try them out on my father-in-law who loves minty chocs and is somewhat of an expert an all things chocolaty!

These truffles are easily available from larger department stores, Prestat themselves or, believe it or not, Amazon which is where I acquired my supply from. It's also worth checking out Prestat's hot chocolate selection too. 

What are your'e favourite Christmassy treats? Whatever your'e choice, remember one important thing, ENJOY!!!!

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
Lots of festive love


  1. How good are the Banoffee ones? These are my ultimate fav chocolates - so yummy!!
    You also have to try Charbonel et Walker - the Pink Marc De Champagne truffles are the best I've ever tried!

    Katie <3

    1. Will have to give them a go, thanks xxx