Saturday, 11 January 2014

Therapy for winter lips - LUSH 'Mint Julips' lip scrub!

LUSH Mint Julips lip scrub - Mint Chocolate £5.50

If, like me, you suffer with really dry badly chapped lips this time of year then this product is a complete miracle worker!!! My lips are made far worse by the fact that I have a terrible habit of biting the dry bits, sometimes causing them to tear, not a good look. My daughter Lisa suffers from the same problem and recently did a post on her blog about Lush lip scrubs in which she praised this very useful product. Lisa let me try her Bubblegum flavoured lip scrub and, although it appeared to work, I found it a little bit sweet.

Just after Christmas my very lovely daughter came home from a shopping trip with a little gift for me. It was the Mint Chocolate version and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Far less sweet than the Bubblegum, it's reminds me a little of Mint Creams (one of my favourite sweets) or Kendal Mintcake. I don't usually like the combination of mint and chocolate together but this works well for me as it's just the slightest hint of vanilla, much more palatable!

I have made it part of my daily routine, massaging in the slightly abrasive sugary scrub and then adding a lip balm as extra protection against the drying effects of central heating and the horrible weather we have recently been experiencing. It leaves you're lips with a lovely tingly minty fresh feeling. I've really noticed a difference in the condition of my lips too, they are far less chapped which gives me less reason to bite! This also provides a good surface for applying a lovely lip colour without the unwanted bonus of clumping around the dry bits, a much more kissable look!

Have you tried this or any other Lush products that you would recommend?

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