Friday, 31 January 2014

Essie's 'On a Silver Platter' - Bejeweled luxury!

Essie's 'On a Silver Platter', £9.99 - Pearlescent gold with holographic violet glitter! 

When at my local Boot's store I always find myself drawn towards the Essie nail collection. On a recent visit I picked up this beautiful varnish that I thought all you fellow nail addicts would be very interested in. This is part of Essie's 'Belugaria' Collection, 2013, one of six dazzling shades that just scream out luxury.

This particular shade is predominantly an antique silver, almost gold, which is speckled with amethyst coloured jewel like flakes. The effect is absolutely stunning, my pictures really can not capture the true essences of the varnish. It is especially beautiful under lighting that picks out the two different shades in an almost iridescent effect. This is really easy to apply, I used a good two coats to maximise the richness of the varnish. It would also work really well as a topcoat over a gold or silver varnish, although I really like the idea of trying it over a deep amethyst or black for a more dramatic effect. My only issue would be it's durability, being glittery it flakes off quite easily, however, it should last for an evening and probably isn't a colour you would chose for day to day use.

Of the other five shades, I am keeping a lookout for 'Belugaria', described as holographic jet black lace, it sounds gorgeous!!!

Which Essie 'nail effect' varnish would you chose?



  1. i just tried this polish and its breathtaking...probably one of my fav essie polishes so far

    1. It's truly gorgeous, one of my favs also! <3