Monday, 20 January 2014

Arthur's Antics! - Christmas 2013

Arthur was a little confused with his advent calender to begin with!
Curiosity soon got the better of him and he was able to remove his daily treat himself!
Arthur hates to dress up but his favourite girl Willow loved wearing his Christmas Pudding outfit - Pets at Home, £9.99
A very excited puppy on Christmas morning, Arthur's pressies were all wrapped in paw print wrapping paper, again from Pets at Home
Arthur's not sure about the whole 'family Christmas jumper' photo!
My holly jumper - Topshop
All other Christmas jumpers, including Arthur's - Next
Like the rest of us, Arthur was all Christmassed out by the afternoon, way too much excitement for a dog!
Normal service is resumed!!!
A trip to our local beach was what a dog really wanted for Christmas!

Christmas seems like so long ago now but I thought it would be good to update you on what Arthur got up to over the festive season. This is his second Christmas and he was just as curious about what was going on. It didn't take him long to get the hang of his advent calender although I don't hold out too much hope of him getting to grips with the training clicker found behind door number 25. Thankfully, he was less interested in the tree, however, he was quick to chase one of the Ragdoll cats whenever they sort cover underneath causing the tree to shake violently dislodging several baubles, I can not believe it survived intact until January 1st. Christmas day was all a bit too much for an excited pup and by the afternoon he'd had enough and retreated to his favourite chair in Tim's office for a nap. 

Like us, I'm sure all you dog walkers out there were not happy with the horrible wet, windy weather over the holidays. Our local recreation ground was saturated so the beach seemed a better option. Arthur loves the beach when the tide is out and chased his ball continually for over an hour. Not sure though if the sand he bought home was preferable to the mud, he has been subjected to more than the normal amount of baths this month!

Like the rest of us, Arthur had a Christmas jumper. He was not as impressed as my kids were but it made for a great Christmas family photo opportunity. Arthur was definitely not impressed with his Christmas pudding outfit but his favourite border collie Willow, who loves to dress up, was more than happy to model the offending article for us, she's such a poser!

Finally Arthur wanted to extend a belated but heartfelt 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all you dog lovers out there and I will hope to keep you updated throughout 2014 on any shenanigans that he might, (who am I kidding) will get up to!!!

Do you have any festive tales involving you're furry friends over the Christmas season?

Deborah & Arthur


  1. Aww I've never seen a dog calendar before! Lovely idea

    Char | Char's Insights

    1. They are a great idea, I got this one at my local supermarket. Arthur really got used to a daily treat every morning, he was a bit disappointed on Boxing day though, lol! Thanks for you're comment, much appreciated x

  2. Aww isn't Arthur cute! I wish I'd bought our blog advent calendars now. Willow looks so sweet dressed up as a christmas pudding but I can't see my collies putting up with it. Great post!! Gisforgingers xx

  3. Thanks for you're lovely comments, am switching over to you're blog to check out the Collies, they are one of my favourite dogs! Unlike most dogs Willow loves to dress up, she's a real poser :-)

  4. Such cute dogs! A family Christmas jumper shot is obligatory, even if the boys don't look too happy about it!

    Katie <3

    1. Thanks so much for you're comment, he is really cute but sooo knows it! The boys weren't as unhappy about the photo as they look either, they actually asked for the jumpers, lol!
      Thanks again xxx

  5. Nice post!


  6. Thanks so much, am fairly new to blogging so always good to get nice feedback :-) xxx

  7. He's so cute.

    1. He is very cute and uses it to great advantage, lol! Thanks for you're comments, much appreciated x