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Chanel Le Vernis Fall 2013 Collection Superstition

Chanel Le Vernis Collection Superstition

Estee Lauder Metallics Collection

From left to right Chanel Elixir 589, Chanel Mysterious 601, Chanel Alchimie 591 and Estee Lauder Metallic Green.
I was really excited by the arrival of Chanel's new Fall 2013 nail collection. They have managed to capture the warm shades of Autumn mixing both really wearable shades with sumptuous rich colours
that will enhance any evening outfit.
By far, my favourite is Alchimie. This gorgeous golden varnish with a slight hint of green is a must have with the Christmas season fast approaching, but lets not mention the 'C' word just yet!!!!!
It needed a good couple of coats to avoid any streaking but once on it lasted for days with minimal chipping.
If you prefer something a little less obvious for the daytime, can I suggest Elixir. This lovely warm pink is ideal with any daytime outfit, office or casual, and easily makes the transition from day to nightime wear.
As usual Chanel have come up with a third shade that is a little more daring than the other two. I loved Mysterious as an evening varnish as it is less harsh than a black.This warm grey coordinates nicely with this seasons winter colours, a stunning accessory to any outfit. Again this shade requires at least two good coats, possibly three, to ensure an even coverage and it isn't quite as durable as the metallic Alchimie but still worth wearing even if its for just one evening.
Another collection worth checking out is Estee Lauder's Metallics. I've tried Metallic Green, not unlike Chanel's Alchimie, just a little greener. This shade was slightly more matt than Chanel's and only required one good coat. I also found it's longevity better than Alchimie and taking into account the price, it's certainly worth a look. I've got my eyes on Steel Orchid next!!!
I am now anticipating the arrival of Chanel's Rouge Allure Moire Collection later this year. Rose Moire 593 and Rouge Moire595 are two fantastic shades of pink, one subtle, one decadent. An essential addition to any girls collection!!! 
What favourite shades will you be wearing this season?


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