Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mulberry Alexa handbag in Slate Blue

This picture from the Mulberry website shows my beautiful new Alexa handbag in Slate Blue, INSTANT LOVE!!!!!!!

Being a big fan of anything Mulberry, particularly handbags, when I saw the Alexa I knew I just had to have it. Already an owner of the iconic black Mulberry Bayswater, I knew how well made and durable their bags have proven to be. I have been a fan of the Alexa for some time but when I saw this blue I knew it would be a valuable new addition to my wardrobe. The colour is ideal for everyday use and will match most casual outfits, particularly jeans now that the weather is turning colder.

This bag is the perfect size for everyday use and, unlike the Bayswater which I find a little heavy, is easy to carry. I really like the detatchable shoulder strap, useful for those times when you just have to go 'hands free' and the clasp and poppered straps make it secure although sometimes inconvenient when trying to get to your phone in the inside pocket in a hurry. However, any inconvenience is overshadowed by the lovely soft feel of the leather and design of the overall handbag. The Alexa will very quickly become a useful addition to my ever growing collection of handbags!!!!!

What handbag favourites do you have?



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  1. still think you should give this to your loving daughter :D
    Lisa xx