Friday, 24 January 2014

Blipster Magic - Beautiful new handmade organic bath & beauty products!

Lavender sample soap sent to me by the lovely people of Blipster Magic
It smells divine!    Choose your own !
Choose you're own! Pick you're favourite scent, £5    Lavender & Chamomile Bath Melts
Lavender & Chamomile Bath Soap, £7

I was so excited when Blipster Magic recently contacted me offering to send a sample of one of their products to review. Not only that but I could also choose which scent I would like to try. As you may have already read in a previous post, lavender is one of my 'all time' favourites so it wasn't hard to decide which to choose.

I wasn't to be disappointed, my lovely soap arrived this week smelling absolutely divine!!! Not only does this product smell gorgeous but it also lathers up beautifully producing a creamy lotion that cleans leaving a lovely after scent. My only criticism would be that it left my hands a little dry (I do suffer from dry skin though) but when I mentioned this to Blipster Magic they were grateful for the feedback and said that they would work on the recipe to improve the moisturising effects.

Blipster Magic produce handmade organic bath and hair products, even offering you the choice of scent if you wanted to customise you're own products, I love the sound of Chocolate! They have also created a Multi Oil Hair Balm, from £20, especially for Afro hair that's worth a look. There are some interesting vintage products available too, so I suggest you visit their site ASAP!

These products not only look beautiful but also don't fail to deliver a gorgeous aroma, ideal as gifts for friends, mums or a special treat just for yourself. They are priced very reasonably too, making them doubly irresistible! Keep a look out for a special Valentine's treat, what could be more romantic than a lovely hot bath, scented candles, a glass of something pink & bubbly and a wonderfully romantically scented bath product!

What scent would you choose for you're ideal bath product?



  1. Thanks Deb ! We're happy you liked it :) xx Blipster Magic

  2. You are very welcome. Thank you again for sending me this sample, if I can help with anything in the future please don't hesitate to ask. xxx

  3. I love your blog

    1. Thanks so much for you're lovely comments. Have just checked out you're blog too and followed on bloglovin xxx