Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Chanel 'Les 4 Ombres Variation' - Eyeshadow perfection!

Chanel's Les 4 Ombres, Variation - £38

I don't usually succumb to the lure of a Chanel eyeshadow having been disappointed in the past with application and longevity. Apart from the price, the problem with a quartet is that with four colours there's bound to be at least one that you would never use. However, when I spotted this quartet I quickly realised that this was never going to be an issue!

I already knew that I would love the two darker plum shades, perfect for creating a smokey effect, but was surprised to find that I loved the two lighter shades even more. I certainly wouldn't normally be draw to a pale pearlescent pink but this one is stunning. I love to wear it with a black liner creating a 50/60's inspired look. The pale gold shadow is equally as gorgeous used in the same way. It isn't too shiny and sparkly so perfect for a daytime look. The two darker shades are great for a more dramatic effect and you also have the option of incorporating several at the same time, a great time to experiment with a new look!

I found the colour lasted well for a few hours but did need some touching up later in the day, there is also some creasing with the lighter shades. Overall though,  I was more impressed with this eyeshadow quartet than expected. As usual Chanel have packaged this little gem beautifully, the velvet pouch is perfect for you're handbag. I am already a big fan of Chanel's lipsticks and nail varnishes but don't usually use their other make up products, I certainly will not be as quick to dismiss them in the future.

As to whether this product achieves 'eyeshadow perfection', well I don't think it's quite there yet, however, I will definitely be looking out for some more Chanel eyeshadows from now on and already have my eyes on Les 4 Ombres 'Smokey', a beautiful collection of shadowy grey's!

What other Chanel makeup products would you recommend?



  1. Gorgeous! Would love to see what they look like modelled! You should definitely do a few eye shots :)

    Katie <3

    1. Thanks, they are such lovely shades. Will have to practice my eye shots, photos haven't proved too successful to date, lol! x