Monday, 24 February 2014

Azuni - A necklace for the Summer!

 Azuni aqua jade necklace, John Lewis, £75

This weekend Mr Moonstone and I took a trip to John Lewis in the hope of inspiration. We are having our lounge & dinning room re-decorated and need to decide on a colour scheme, new suite etc. After pawing through many fabric swatches, sitting on several suites and looking at many other general household items we finally and wearily made our way towards the Chanel counter to check out their new Spring collection (that's for me NOT Mr Moonstone).

At this point my mind was firmly fixed on the lunch I'd been promised at one of our favourite pubs, The Jolly Sailor, Hambledon. All that changed as I spotted this gorgeous necklace on the Azuni counter, thoughts of lunch forgotten I steamed my way through the crowds to take a closer look. I am really indecisive, especially at £75, so Mr Moonstone took control and bought this beautiful piece for me. I love it's extra long length that can be doubled and worn long or tripled and worn shorter, a very versatile piece. The necklace is 24ct gold plated and contains aqua jade stones that should go with so many of my outfits. This will definitely be coming on holiday with me this year and will look beautiful set against a healthy tan, black maxi dress or silky camisole. The Azuni jewellery comes in this pretty pink pouch and looks lovely on my dressing table. I can not believe that this is my first Azuni purchase as I've been following them on Twitter for ages, my next question is "do they do earrings to match?"

After two hours in John Lewis we finally emerged with our new purchases, the pub lunch was calling, Arthur needed walking and I had a rugby match to watch! I'm now eagerly awaiting a swatch of the material below so we can start planning the design for our lounge and dining room, Saturday proved to be a very successful day!!!

We've finally made a start!

Do you own any beautiful pieces of Azuni jewellery?



  1. This is such a gorgeous necklace. The colours are so perfect with a tan in the summer. Stunning!

    Katie <3

    1. I know, I can't wait to wear it but think I need earrings to match, lol! x