Monday, 10 February 2014

Chanel Collection Notes de Printemps Spring 2014 - Rouge Allure 138 Fougueuse

Chanel Collection Notes de Printemps, Spring 2014
Rouge Allure 138 Fougueuse, £25

I always look forward to the arrival of the latest makeup collection from Chanel with an excitement verging on obsession, hoping there's going to be something to tempt me. With the Chanel Collection Notes de Printemps I literally screamed with excitement when I spotted this gorgeous new lipstick shade. I am a long time user of Chanel lipsticks and particularly love the Rouge Allure products as they have always proved to provide both stunning pigmentation and amazing longevity, sorry I'm beginning to gush!!!

This shade is named Fougueuse and is probably one of my favourites to date. When I bought my first red Chanel lipstick over ten years ago I wasn't brave enough to use it on a regular basis and quite often removed it again before I left the house, not sure that's what Coco Chanel meant when she said to remove the last accessory you put on before going out!!! However, my confidence has grown over the last few years and I am now ready to embrace Chanel's iconic deep shades. This one is beautiful as it has a delicate hint of pink which stops the red being too much, perfect for my pale complexion. Alternatively another of their new colours Melodieuse would suit a warmer shade. It is easy to apply and lasts for ages, so although a little expensive at £25, it will last for a long time and pretty much covers all you're lipstick requirements. I have been wearing it continually since it arrived a couple of weeks ago and it's already become an essential part of my make-up collection.

Official promotion picture from Chanel site

If you are a lover of all things Chanel like myself then it's certainly worth checking out the rest of the collection. I usually get mine from The Garden Pharmacy who have always proved to be good when ordering online, however Chanel is generally available at most department stores. I've recently read several reviews on other lovely red lipsticks from brands such as Dior and YSL and would love to hear you're views, it's always good to try something new.

What red lipstick are you wearing this season?


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