Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lola Rose 'Kiki' necklace - Birthday surprise and accessory essential!

Lola Rose Kiki necklace in Blossom quartzite/New Zebra Jasper

Firstly, sorry its been a while since my last post, I've been poorly but hopeful normal service is now resumed! 
This year, for my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive a lovely Lola Rose Kiki necklace. I already have a couple of these necklaces from last year in Montana/Black agate and Blue Sandstone/Lime Green quartzite and they have become an essential item when reaching for an accessory.
My new necklace is in Blossom Quartzite/New Zebra Jasper, a mixture of soft warm pinks, striking jasper and a hint of Heather quartzite, its gorgeous!!!
This colour combination is ideal for the winter, it can be worn with warm creams, damsons and taupe, a very versatile piece.

Doubled up, worn with Topshop fluffy angora jumper.
One of my favourite things about the Kiki is its length. Personally, I prefer a longer necklace and at 144cm this one is the perfect. It can be doubled up and worn long or tripled to create a statement shorter necklace, can it be any more gorgeous!

A triple statement!
The Kiki is currently available in six beautiful shades including Peach Calcite/Smokey Obsidian and Black Cherry quartzite/Grape quartzite, again both very useful colour ways. At £59 it would make an ideal Christmas gift for someone special, ME PLEASE!!!!!

Peach Calcite/Smokey Obsidian, picture from Lola Rose website.
If you don't already own a piece of Lola Rose this necklace would be a perfect start to your collection, be warned though, it could also be the start of an obsession, take it from someone who knows!

What will be on you're Christmas wishlist this year?


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  1. Hi Deborah, what a beautiful necklace. I love the colours which as you say are great for this season! There's something very lovely about the stones Lola rose use.

    Emma Xx