Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nuit Infinie de Chanel, Christmas Collection 2013 - Do you dare?

 Le Vernis Rouge Rubis 677 and Rouge Velvet Allure La Precieuse 317 from the Nuit Infinie de Chanel Christmas Collection 2013
As usual Chanel have come up with something extra special for the Christmas season and with the Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection they don't disappoint. A daring and sumptuous collection that embraces everything about Christmas that I love!!!
This collection isn't yet available in the UK but my lovely husband bought back these couple of treasures from a recent business trip to the USA. I thought it would be good to give you guys advance warning of their loveliness before they go on sale here on 15th November.
Le Vernis Rouge Rubis 677
A gorgeous festive red!
Daring, but be brave!
Firstly the nails! This beautiful red is just right for the festive season, it has a slight hint of pink giving it a really classy look. I can imagining wearing this with my favourite LBD and gold sparkly Jimmy Choos, a must for any Christmas party. I only needed to apply two good coats for an even coverage and it lasted fairly well but to be honest you would probably only wear it for the evening unless you are very daring!!!
Rouge Allure Velvet La Precieuse 317
A similar red, again with just a hint of pink!
If there is one thing that Chanel is iconic for it would be the red lipstick!!!
This lipstick is the perfect match to go with the nail varnish. It isn't too dark and intense as some true reds tend to be and could be easily worn for both day and night. Because it is a velvet it lasts really well needing few applications during the evening, my kind of lipstick.
I must admit that I am a big fan of Chanel lipsticks in general. Although quite pricey, they do last really well and the colour always retains it's depth.
Chanel ad picture from
I think the collection is released in the UK on Friday, 15th November and is definitely worth checking out with two more lipstick shades, one dark and daring, one pale and shimmery, and some lovely new eyeshadows that have a real hint of decadence about them. If you can not wait till Friday you can check out the collection on the Chanel website. I will certainly be looking to see if I can add anything else to my wishlist!
What festive red make-up products will you be reaching for this Christmas?

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