Friday, 8 November 2013

'Arthur's Antics!!!' - Oct 2013

 Arthur after an intensive ball chasing workout!
So what's Arthur been up to this month?
It started with a weekend in Cardiff visiting No.1 son and his girlfriend. Although Arthur whimpered pathetically in the back of the car until I sat with him (spoilt brat!!!) he was really excited to see his favourite girl Willow, a beautiful red border collie. After much chasing and teasing with balls they finally decided to work as a team in the pursuit of attention and treats, clever dogs.
Synchronised begging!

We all had a great time and the dogs were completely worn out by Sunday evening when it was time to come home, this resulted in a much quieter trip back.

Little man has had a busy weekend!!!

The next highlight in Arthur's calendar was Halloween. He had a lovely new skeleton outfit to wear although I think we were more impressed with it than him. My husband was also a skeleton and hoped to scare 'trick or treaters' when they came calling. Unfortunately, instead of screams of terror they were met with 'arrrh! he's so cute' (Arthur that is).

Arthur trying to savage the dropping spider. 
What a scary pair!

For the rest of the month Arthur has busied himself with several pussy cat related misdemeanours, my poor Ragdoll cats are exhausted!

Dougal manages to finally get some sleep, evil genius, I don't think so!!!

Arthur has also discovered the joys of squirrel chasing, he's way too slow thankfully! By far his worse offence was when I caught him in the garden with one of his dads Boss shoes!!!! Managed to retrieve it before any permanent damage was inflicted but we have renamed him 'Jimmy Chew'. Be warned if he gets anywhere near my Choo's there will be carnage!!!!

Arthur is now looking forward to Christmas, especially as he has a new Christmas pudding outfit to wear, it's not cruel is it? I do fear for the Christmas tree and don't think I trust him enough yet to leave any presents around the bottom.

Look out for Arthur's festive antics next month, should be fun!

Would love to hear what you're little doggy treasures have been up to.


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