Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentine's Day - Gift inspiration!!!

 Prestat's Heart Box - £6.50 to £33 
 Passion Fruit fondant, Rice Crisp nougat & Dark Chocolate truffle

With only two weeks until that special day I thought it would be good to list several gift ideas that might inspire that special someone in you're life to spoil you. I was recently sent a lovely box of my favourite chocs to review and decided they would make an ideal gift for Valentine's Day thus inspiring this post.

This is the smallest Heart box available from Prestat at £6.50 with prices rising to £33 for the largest size. I think these chocolates are a little more special than the usual brands making them an extra special treat. I have done a previous post before Christmas listing several other options (see here) but these are particularly appropriate for Valentine's. I wish I could describe to you just how delicious they are but of the three above the Passion Fruit fondant was amazing, you could really taste the passion fruit, I am slightly biased though as fruit creams are my absolute favourite, yummy!!!

Pandora silver bangle and heart charms, John Greed, £145 (picture from John Greed website)

Next on my list of Valentine goodies would be this lovely silver bangle from Pandora. Although quite expensive at £145, you do get the bangle and three charms. If you already have a Pandora bracelet then there are several other 'heart' inspired charms available seperately, these are priced from £20 so again a gift to suit most budgets, the possibilities are endless. My lovely man recently gave me this beautiful 'LOVE' charm for our anniversary, this would be so appropriate for a Valentine gift, I absolutely love it!!!
Thanks Mr Moonstone XXX

Pandora Sparkling Love Charm 791196PCZ
Again available from John Greed
(picture from website)
Lola Rose Heart pendant, £20

As you've probably already guessed, I am a big fan of any Lola Rose accessory. What could be better than one of these Heart pendants to say 'I love you'. There are five different stone options available (at the time of writing this) but at just £20 they are sure to sell out fast. Lola Rose do several other 'heart' inspired pieces so they are certainly worth checking out. I received my red heart a couple of years ago and think it's the perfect colour for a Valentine treat. 

10" Love You Lots Boofle Bear
Boofle Valentine's Bear, £14.99 (picture from Boofle online website)

Along with roses, champagne and chocolates, the next best thing is a cuddly toy, especially for the more sentimental among us. These Boofle cuddly's are by far my favourite. They are so cute and you can usually find one that expresses exactly the right sentiment. Although I found this one online, they are easily available on the high street and come in different sizes that should accommodate most pockets.

These are just a few of the many ideas out there for Valentine's Day and I hope they've given you some inspiration on how to surprise that special person in you're life. Another popular idea for the more brave among you would be sexy underwear BUT be sure you know size, colour (we don't all like red!!!) and what she likes or it could go horribly wrong! Although us girls just want to be spoilt rotten, it's worth considering what that means. For me it would be a romantic home cooked meal, with a lovely bottle of wine, romantic candles, music and all with the man I love! Here's wishing you all a very special romantic day and remember that it's really about the thought that counts not the price tag!

What would be you're perfect Valentine's treat?



  1. The Gentleman bought me the big box of Prestat for our anniversary along with lots of other gorgeous presents! Lovely list!

    Katie <3

    1. Sounds like you're lovely man has very good taste! Glad you liked my list, will have to think up some ideas for the man in my life next.

      Deborah <3