Thursday, 31 October 2013

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! - A family tradition

Happy Halloween!!!
I started decorating the outside of the house for Halloween many years ago when my kids were younger and they liked to go 'Trick or Treating'. This has now become a bit of a tradition that has completely escalated, disappointing many youngsters in our area if I failed to decorate as usual!!!

Scary dog!!!
Not only does the front of the house get a make-over but so does my husband who gets a kick out of scaring poor unsuspecting little children with his latest Halloween costume, poor Arthur has to take part too!
After most of the 'trick or treaters' have visited we then like to settle down to a scary movie, usually Hocus Pocus, I know, not the scariest, I am also looking forward to the start of the new series Dracula starting tonight, why are vampires so damn hot! It has become such an annual event that my daughter Lisa, who is now grown up and highly embarrassed by the whole thing, has to let her boyfriend come round and dress up too, a real family affair that may continue for many years to come!
I hope the fact that we put out some decorations will encourage the 'trick or treaters' to come to our home rather than someone, particularly older neighbours, who can become quite scared by the whole event, so please be aware, its only fun if done responsibly!

What will you be doing to celebrate Halloween tonight?

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