Wednesday, 16 October 2013

About me!

Hi, this is me and, as always, I'm wearing my 'trade mark' piece of Lola Rose
I thought it was about time I let you know a little about myself.

I am a happily married 50 year old mum of three beautiful children aged 26, 23 and 21 (they will always be my babies) and I have a completely obsessive passion for style, fashion, beauty and in particular, accessories.

I have a keen interest in Art and History, particularly the Tudors, recently passing my A level in History (grade B, very impressed!). I decided that I needed a new challenge now that I no longer had homework or coursework to complete. My daughter already has a very successful beauty and fashion blog called Topaz & May which is brilliant for younger blog followers so I decided that maybe there was a need for us slightly more mature ladies too!
My daughter Lisa and I in Central Park, New York, last December, BRILLIANT!!!!!
Why 'Moonstone & May'? Well that's easy, Lisa has Topaz as it's our birthstone (she arrived in the early hours of my birthday nearly 24 years ago) and May is both her and my nan's middle name so special to us both. I couldn't also have Topaz so decided on Moonstone as its my most favourite semi precious stone and follows the same theme as Lisa's blog name.
One of my favourite moonstone rings!
In my blog I aim to bring you reviews on the latest styles and beauty products along with any other lifestyle items I think you may be interested in, such as books and films, another of my passions. I will also try to keep you updated on Arthur's latest escapades. He is my adorable but mischievous chocolate Cockapoo (cocker spaniel & poodle) who never fails to keep us all amused.
Behind that cute face is a puppy working on his next pussy cat related 'faux pas'
If there are any items that you would like me to look at in the future, please let me know, I would also appreciate any helpful feedback as I'm still very new to blogging, although very quickly becoming addicted!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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