Monday, 28 October 2013

A touch of magic from Monsoon, the Aurora print shirt!

Aurora Print Shirt from Monsoon, £49, Amelia jeans from River Island, £40 and last seasons shoe boots from Oasis
Worn with a simple silver chain and Swarovski crystal ring
If you invest in just one special shirt this season then please consider this little gem from Monsoon. Since I purchased this item it's quickly become a favourite of mine due to it's beautiful floral print and it's versatility.
Above, I recently wore it for a meal with friends, adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise casual outfit. With Christmas just around the corner this shirt would work equally as well for a more glamorous evening, teaming it with black leather look leggings, cigarette pants or a sleek black pencil skirt, the possibilities are endless.
I would recommend that you wear a vest or camisole underneath, although if you are more daring a pretty black bra would work too.
I love the sheer black fabric and the beautiful floral print, almost like a watercolour. Do keep you're accessories simple or the whole look could become too fussy, this shirt needs little embellishment!
It looks great with my Slate Blue Mulberry Alexa handbag
Finally, a statement handbag is always a 'must have' as far as I'm concerned. I love my Alexa with this shirt, it brings out the blue hues, complementing it perfectly.
If you like this shirt I would suggest you get too Monsoon soon, its quickly becoming one of their 'best sellers' this season. You will be disappointed if you miss out on this little treasure, especially with the party season nearly upon us, eek!!!!
What little gems will you be wearing for the festive season? 

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