Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Arthur's antics!!!

Arthur, my gorgeous Chocolate Cockapoo
Let me introduce you to Arthur, my 18 month old Chocolate Cockapoo, a real character. His favourite hobbies include swimming, chasing balls and cats, making friends and causing all sorts of mayhem!!! I thought it would be fun to occasionally keep you updated on all his recent misdemeanours and antics, a change from my usual beauty and style blogs. He will probably end up with more followers than me!!!
 Snow dog!
Don't be fooled by this cute exterior, he is just contemplating his next cat related plan of harassment!
I will keep you informed of his latest adventures but for now I must go and rescue next doors ginger cat and take my little 'poppet' for a long walk in an effort to wear him out. Look out for his Halloween pictures at the end of the month, BE AFRAID!!!

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