Monday, 21 October 2013

Topshop 'hearts' Burberry!

Topshop's Heart Print Shirt, £32. Lola Rose Heart necklace and ring

Close up of heart print on Topshop shirt
One of this seasons biggest success stories in the world of fashion is Burberry's Heart Print Blouse. It's been seen worn by the likes of Victoria Beckham (she rarely puts a fashion foot wrong) and Harry Stiles of One Direction fame, I think I also spotted Abby Clancy wearing one on Strictly Come Dancing the other week!
Burberry Heart Print Blouse, £495 (picture from Burberry website)

 However, as much as we all might covert this lovely blouse, few of us can afford the £495 price tag! This is where the high street comes to the rescue in the form of Topshop. They have come up with a couple of similar tops that should satisfy our desire for something a little similar to Burberry's design but at a more reasonable price. 
Topshop Heart Print Shirt, £38 (picture from Topshop website)
I managed to get hold of this raspberry heart print shirt from Topshop (above) but found it was too long for me. Instead, both my daughter Lisa and I were tempted by the short sleeved navy version on a recent shopping trip (we like to call it 'blog research') it was too nice to resist.
I've teamed it up with this lovely fluffy crop jumper, also from Topshop, £34. This jumper comes in some lovely colours including pastels, brights and black but I love the pale pink shade, it's snuggly and soft and is quickly becoming one of my favourites!
Jeans are River Islands 'Amelia' design, £40, which come in several lengths including short which is ideal for me.

Topshop's sheer-sleeved cardigan in deep berry, £36
This shirt should see you all through the winter with the help of a pretty jumper or cardigan, worn with jeans or a flippy skirt its very versatile. I don't think it will get consigned to the back of my wardrobe in the summer months either unlike a longer sleeved version.
Have you spotted any other designer look-a-likes?

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