Friday, 28 March 2014

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres - Tisse Venitien!

 Chanel Les 4 Ombres, multi-effect quadra eyeshadow
Tisse Venitien, £40

OMG! Is this the best eye shadow quartet ever? Chanel have just revamped their Les 4 Ombres range with the release of this seasons new collection of 'Tisse' colours and I have to say, they are my favourite to date. I first spotted the lovely Tisse Venitien on the back of a Grazia magazine and it soon became my mission to track it down. This proved a fairly difficult task but I eventually found it online at House Of Fraser.

The quartet consists of a pale pink highlighter along with three beautiful smokey shades of silvery grey that have just a slight hint of teal making them just a little different to the usual smokey shadows on the market at the moment. I absolutely love the lighter of the grey's and tend to wear it alone with a black eyeliner as a daytime look but you can just imagine how daringly gorgeous the darker shades look for a dramatic nighttime effect. The highlighter pink is great for the brow line or again worn solo with a black liner, this is such a versatile quartet.

As to the quality, well the colours were really intense and maintained that level of intensity throughout the day with minimal smudging. I did notice a little creasing with the darker shades but this was easily rectified with a little touch up, I consider this a small inconvenience for such a beautiful palette of colours. Check out the rest of the range at Chanel, there should definitely be a quartet to suit everybody's tastes, I've got my eye on the Tisse Riviera next, a lovely riviera blue inspired palette.

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette?


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  1. Oh my! Yes aren't these just gorgeous. My kinda colour and shimmer. Lovely!

    1. They are beautiful, I've been wearing them continually since they arrived on my doorstep, my other eyeshadows feel quite neglected, lol! x

  2. I dont have any of Chanel :) So lovely!
    I use one of Shiseido every day with many colors :)

    1. I've heard of this brand but haven't really looked at it, thanks for the tip, I'll take a peek! x